Mac Compatible ERP

If you’re frustrated by dated ERP systems that force customers onto Windows-only applications, integrate only with Windows software, or don’t provide a friendly way to access resources from iPhone®, iPad®, and other popular Apple devices… welcome home.

At Bizowie, we believe that your ERP system shouldn’t restrict you from using the computers and mobile technology you prefer. That’s why we’ve designed our full-featured cloud ERP with full functionality – financials, manufacturing, and distribution – for any platform with a web browser, including:

  • Web-based interface with full functionality on Mac, Windows, and Linux
  • Direct connectivity with printers and scales via the cross-platform QZ framework
  • Direct integrations with shipping carriers – no 3rd-party software needed
  • Responsive design allows access to all features on tablet devices

Don’t settle for software that locks you into Windows. Contact us to schedule a demo and see for yourself why innovative manufacturers and distributors choose Bizowie ERP over the outdated, clunky systems that dominate the market.