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Bizowie to Sponsor “Explore The Floor” Manufacturing Event

Bizowie is proud to announce its sponsorship of the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s Explore the Floor event. This event gives local manufacturers an opportunity to visit Industrial Scientific’s advanced manufacturing facility in Pittsburgh, PA, provides networking opportunities, and shows off the innovative and unique capabilities of our region’s manufacturing firms. When: September 1, 2022 Where: Industrial Scientific […]

7 Infrastructure Questions for Prospective ERP Vendors

When searching for a new ERP solution, almost everyone understands the importance of thorough due diligence on a prospective system’s features and applicability for business requirements. But another important area of focus is often left by the wayside: infrastructure. Without the proper IT resources, even the most feature-rich ERP system can leave your employees frustrated […]

5 Ways to Improve Job Shop Profitability with Cloud ERP

Leverage dimensional profitability analysis Getting an accurate picture of job-level profitability is a great first step, but it’s only one piece of the puzzle. It’s also important to gain an understanding of profit margins across broader dimensions, including: Sales by rep or estimator – Who consistently delivers the highest-margin deals? Sales by customer – How […]

Cloud ERP and EDI: What You Need To Know

What is EDI? Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a term used to refer to the use of computers to electronically exchange business documents between trading partners (generally a customer and their vendor) using a standardized file format. Leveraging EDI allows both parties to save money on manual work. For example, imagine a customer that places […]

Analyst Research: Bizowie Cloud ERP named a Top 10 ERP Solution

The research team at Business-Software.com have released their ERP analysis for 2021, and Bizowie Cloud ERP has been included among the top 10 solutions on the market for this year. Their analysts called out a variety of Bizowie features as unique differentiators, including our built-in Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Warehouse Management (WMS), Field Service, and […]

Bulletproof ERP: 4 Easy Security Improvements You Can Make Today

Your ERP solution is a critical resource, containing sensitive information like sensitive accounting and financial details, company policies and procedures, customer and lead lists, bills of material. Thus, it’s very important to keep your system protected from a cybersecurity perspective. In this article, we’ve outlined 4 simple steps you can take to keep your systems […]