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Video Case Study – Archival Methods (Manufacturing)

Archival Methods is a Rochester, NY-based manufacturer and distributor of archival and preservation products. Serving a wide variety of customers including archivists, museums, photographers, and retail customers, Archival Methods products products are designed to protect photographs, artwork, textiles, and other objects for storage or display. This video case study details how Innovative Solutions, a Bizowie […]

Bulletproof ERP: 4 Easy Security Improvements You Can Make Today

Your ERP solution is a critical resource, containing sensitive information like sensitive accounting and financial details, company policies and procedures, customer and lead lists, bills of material. Thus, it’s very important to keep your system protected from a cybersecurity perspective. In this article, we’ve outlined 4 simple steps you can take to keep your systems […]

6 Must-Have ERP Features for Food & Beverage Companies

These days, businesses in the food and beverage industry face tough choices when selecting new software systems. Many food industry-specific systems are outdated and lack features found in modern systems like mobile capabilities, online ordering, and out-of-the-box integrations. But general-purpose manufacturing or distribution ERPs often lack critical functions for the food industry. When selecting a […]

Estimation in ERP: 5 Features You’ll Love

In an engineer-to-order (ETO) environment, estimation can often be one of the most critical parts of your business. Estimation processes involve your sales, engineering, production, and marketing teams coming together to scope, spec, cost, price, and quote finished product for your customer. When everything is working smoothly and facilitated by your ERP software, estimation allows […]