Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

Bizowie ERP EDIBizowie ERP offers full support for EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) with your customers and vendors, allowing automatic transfer of critical information such as sales orders, invoices, purchase orders, shipment acknowledgements, and much more.

Our robust EDI platform combines support for standard ANSI X12 EDI interfaces with the ability to support nearly any custom EDI interface, including industry-specific interfaces for the medical, financial, and logistics sectors.

Integration Options

Bizowie offers a wide variety of EDI options: direct integration with your trading partners, integration with our partner VAN (Value Add Network), or integration with a VAN of your choice.

Direct Integration

Anticipate high-volume EDI connections and want to avoid costly monthly or per-transaction fees?

Bizowie can develop direct integrations with your trading partners for a one-time fee. One the interface is connected, you only pay the service charge for the EDI module – no per-interface or per-document charges.

Partner VAN

Want to avoid high up-front costs? Need to maintain a large number of EDI interfaces?

Bizowie can quickly and affordably configure EDI integrations through our partner VAN for an affordable price. (One-time setup fee and monthly/per-transaction fees apply for this option.)

Your VAN

Already working with a third-party EDI VAN?

Bizowie can send files directly to your VAN for processing for an affordable one-time fee. Once the interface is connected, you pay only the service charge for the EDI module – no per-interface or per-document charges aside from those assessed by your VAN.

Not sure where to begin?

Contact one of our EDI specialists at (888) 635-2517 or info@bizowie.com for a free, no-pressure consultation and price list.