Case Study – ARINC

Established in 1929, Rockwell Collins’s ARINC division is a leader in engineering and communications for a wide variety of industries, including aviation, government, defense, and security.

ARINC’s Surface Transportation and Security Systems (ST&SS) team operates from offices in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and Texas, building and implementing mission-critical systems that safeguard vital infrastructure and control commuter and freight-transit networks. These systems protect more than 60% of the nuclear power plants in North America, support over 8 million transit passengers a day, and ensure the safety of a diverse set of high-security facilities, including airports and government installations.

Installation and implementation of these systems is just a small part of what ARINC does. With a mission to provide “dedication beyond expectation,” ARINC plays an important role in the ongoing management of their solutions, providing top-tier support, maintenance, training, and educational services to their clients.

Having achieved substantial market share, ARINC’s management team knew they would need a unified system to manage information related to their customer relationships – work orders, details on customer relationships, documentation, training resources, inventory/materials management, engineering workflows, and more.

Bizowie’s project management staff worked closely with ARINC personnel to identify their unique needs and rapidly implemented a web-based portal, custom-designed to match ARINC’s brand, which brought their processes together in one easy-to-use platform. The new system allows ARINC staff to quickly access, report on, and cross-reference information related to their clients. Clients can use the system to open and retrieve work orders, access system documentation, and register for training.

Empowered by Bizowie solutions, ARINC can spend less time working with multiple, disparate systems and focus on what they do best: providing top-tier systems and services to their clients.

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