Case Study – A. Stucki Co.

Since 1911, A. Stucki Company has been an industry leader in the design, development and manufacture of railcar dynamic control products. Through constant research and innovation, A. Stucki specializes in developing products that reduce  maintenance costs, improve ride quality, and keep the transportation industry moving smoothly.

When A. Stucki expanded their operations nationally and internationally, they knew they needed a way to manage data, streamline process, and improve efficiency while remaining number one in their industry. Their existing information management workflows were insufficient to the task of handling multiple facilities on different platforms. Facing new challenges and high expectations, they turned to Bizowie.

Some of their challenges will be familiar to all organizations: reducing complexity in workflows; collecting, retaining, and analyzing data, connecting management to the shop floor, integrating team members’ know-how into defined procedures, and acquisition of new subsidiaries and facilities on multiple, disparate software platforms.

After partnering with Bizowie, A. Stucki saw that the Bizowie platform was the perfect solution to handle the new challenges they faced as a growing company. With the strengths of a customized solution and the affordability of an off-the-shelf product, it was able to handle these challenges and equipped A. Stucki with the ability to turn them into opportunities.

The powerful Bizowie solutions A. Stucki was able to profit from include:

  • A single view of their entire business. Workflows at multiple sites can be tracked from one dashboard, enabling management to identify risks immediately and take decisive action.
  • Performance monitoring, which allows managerial oversight of processes across multiple facilities. With one click on the Bizowie dashboard, their corporate office in Pittsburgh can get a red-light/green-light overview of whether each process meets their standards.
  • Consistency that allows every facility and department to share information and communicate with every other part of the company. With Bizowie, everyone in the organization is speaking the same language, saving time, broadening the knowledge base, and leading quicker action at every level.

Today, thanks to Bizowie solutions, A. Stucki Company can be confident that their software will foster productivity and innovation as they continue to grow as a leader in the rail industry.

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