Online Customer Portal

Bizowie offers a fully-integrated Online Customer Portal, offering your customers a simple but effective tool to interact with your business.

The ROI for both your customers and your staff is rapid. Customers will love the ease with which they can place orders, retrieve and pay invoices, and check stock availability (our modern features are sure to rival your competitors’ web-based offerings). And your staff will appreciate the time saved by not having to perform tedious day-to-day tasks via phone – freeing them up for more productive work.

And because the portal is an integral part of Bizowie ERP, there’s no need to manually update it or wait for slow synchronization. All information – from new orders to stock levels – is updated in real-time with Bizowie ERP.

Primary Features

  • Secure online interface – access granted only to approved customers
  • White-label experience with your logo and brand name
  • User-friendly, simple interface that your customers will love
  • Online “shopping cart” for quick and easy PO entry – pricing and item availability flows through based on your rules
  • Stock inquiry across one or multiple warehouses
  • Online access to invoices, statements, and credit card payment (direct integration with payment processors)

Let’s talk.

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