Bizowie Supply Chain Suite

Bizowie Inventory Control

Inventory Control

Bizowie’s Inventory Control module offers the power and flexibility to manage your full inventory. Designed from the ground up with the needs of our diverse client base in mind, we offer full-featured functionality to meet the needs of distribution, manufacturing, retail and field service customers – all fully tailored to match your processes precisely.

Primary Features

  • Inventory Control
    • Multi-company/multi-warehouse
    • Zone, lot, and bin-level tracking
    • Full-featured serialization
    • Item, lot, bin, and serial barcodes
    • Flexible/convertible units of measure
    • Multiple part numbers per item
    • Hold/allocate committed stock
    • Limitless custom fields
  • Transfers
    • Inter- and intra-warehouse transfers
    • Cross-docking
    • Automatic transfers to fill obligations
  • Purchasing Records
    • Multiple vendors per item
    • Price history/comparison
    • Easy view of outstanding POs/PRs
  • Accounting
    • FIFO, LIFO, weighted-average, or actual costing
    • Accurate landed cost tracking
    • Tight integration with the Financial Accounting module
  • Reporting
    • Transaction History
    • Transaction Summary
    • Adjustments/Shrinkage
    • At-a-glance inventory value (summary/detail)
    • Statistical Analysis
    • Min/Max Planning
    • Purchase Planning
    • Vendor Price Lists
  • Production
    • Kitted Items
    • Hierarchical Bills of Materials
  • Stock Counts
    • Assignments
    • Cycle, zone, or arbitrary counts
    • Mobile WMS view for easy counting
    • Managerial approvals
Bizowie Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders

Bizowie’s fully-integrated Purchase Order module is designed with simplicity in mind. Quickly enter and send POs directly from the system, and make your purchasing team more efficient by expanding visibility of outstanding POs and their status to the rest of your team.

Primary Features

  • Quick and easy PO entry
  • At-a-glance view of outstanding and historical POs
  • Automatic calculation of weights and dimensions
  • Easy search for past-due receipts
  • AP reconciliation reporting
  • ASNs with confirmed ship dates/dock assignments
  • Simple, foolproof receiving (via software or WMS)
  • Full support for EDI and email transmission

Purchase Requisitions

Bizowie offers full support for a separate Purchase Requisition workflow, allowing requisitions to be opened by staff and converted to POs by purchasing staff after completing your designated process.

Vendor Management

  • Track contact information and other details on your vendors
  • Manage active/inactive and approved suppliers
  • See all outstanding POs/invoices/shipments at a glance
  • Manage price lists and part numbers
  • Report on performance metrics

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