Bizowie Launches Service Industry Software Suite


Pittsburgh, PA (December 7, 2015) – Bizowie, the Pittsburgh-based leader in cloud-based enterprise resource planning software, today announced the launch of a new software suite for management of service-based businesses.

The new modules, which are part of the Bizowie ERP business management suite, allow users to quickly and easily manage operations of service-based businesses, including scheduling, project management, dispatching, time/expense reporting, and costing. As day-to-day operations progress, the “big data” involved in complex service operations is retained for fast and accurate reporting.

Because the Bizowie Service Suite’s modules are integrated with the rest of the Bizowie ERP system, data moves seamlessly between service applications and the system’s core modules for financial accounting, inventory control, human resource management, and other back office operations.

The release of the new software comes after years of in-house development and testing within Bizowie and a roll-out of the software in pilot customers’ organizations.

Bizowie’s focus on providing solutions tailored to their customers’ unique business processes led them to the decision to expand the software suite. “Our customer base has always been quite diverse – from manufacturing to distribution, engineering, financial services and beyond,” said Bizowie CEO Michael Flickinger. “We’re excited to be able to broaden our reach and provide the service industry with the same revolutionary, disruptive technology we’re successfully delivering in other markets.”

About Bizowie

Bizowie is the Pittsburgh-based leader in cloud ERP software. Established in 2008, Bizowie provides secure, tailored, high-availability solutions to industry leaders in a wide variety of markets.